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Breast Augmentation Scars: Management and Prevention

Breast augmentation scars are a concern for breast enlargement patients. The scarring from breast augmentation is typically much less noticeable than breast reduction or mastectomy. However, it can still be bothersome to some people. This blog post will discuss the different types of breast augmentation scars and how they should be managed to prevent them. We will also talk about what you should do if you have already developed breast implants scars and make sure they fade as quickly as possible.

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Breast Implants Sizes: Ways To Measure The Right Implant Size For You

What breast implants sizes are there? How to choose the right one for you? Breast implants come in various shapes and sizes. In fact, there are so many modern options that can make patients confused about choosing what is best for them. Knowing the right one for you will make the result successful. Keep reading to see the importance of selecting the right implant size, including tips to get the best implant for your breast enlargement procedure.

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Signs and Symptoms of Silicone Breast Implant Leakage

If you are settled in having your breast augmentation, it may be because your plastic surgeon assured you of the procedure, material stability, and his expertise in performing the surgery. He should also inform you of the risks and complications post-surgery. But despite that, you would have been given the confidence that your surgery is going to be a success. Well, we wouldn’t want to sound pessimistic and all, but, are you open to the possibility of your breast implants leaking? What did your doctor tell you about the signs and symptoms of silicone breast implant leakage? If you want to know more, then read on.

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Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation: What You Need To Know?

If you plan to get breast augmentation surgery, one of the leading choices you will encounter is the kind of implant. With modern advancement, a new teardrop-shaped gummy bear breast augmentation can give women a natural firmness and look that traditional implants cannot accomplish. What’s more, getting a skilled surgeon is also necessary for a successful outcome. Hence, be sure that your surgeon is a professional to do this procedure. Now, let’s explore what a gummy bear breast implant is, including the cost of the material, its pros and cons, and more.

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Breast Fat Transfer: Cost, Procedure, And All You Need to Know

Did you ever look at your body and wonder if you could transfer some fat from your tummy to your breasts? In case you didn’t know, you can turn that dream into reality. Breast augmentation with fat transfer is slowly gaining popularity amongst women. However, like most cosmetic procedures, the promise of sculpting your body to perfection also comes with a price. So, how much does breast fat transfer cost? Continue reading to find out.

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Saline Versus Silicone Breast Implants: Which One Is Better?

Are you planning to have a breast augmentation procedure? In that case, you should expect your surgeon to ask which type of implant to use. Breast augmentation, otherwise known as a boob job, is a procedure that involves breast enhancement through fat transfer or breast implants. At the moment, there are two types of breast implants available, namely saline and silicone. While both are proven safe and effective, certain factors distinguish one from the other. If you can’t decide between saline versus silicone breast implants, we are here to help you.

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Breast Implant Rippling: Causes and How To Prevent

Women who wish to have full and beautifully symmetrical breasts would consider breast augmentation as their ultimate solution. It shapes, resizes, and fills a woman’s chest to ideally make their chest look softly contoured and naturally sexy. However, not everyone who undergoes this procedure can expect perfection. One of the usual issues that they could face is breast implant rippling. Let us discover why breast implant rippling happens, how to correct this problem, and how can we avoid this breast augmentation complication.

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Breast Implant Gone Wrong? Tips Οn Reconstructing A Botched Boob Job

Innovations in cosmetic practices continue to pave the way towards providing satisfaction to everyone. For the vast majority of women, it is entirely normal to aspire for a better physical appearance. Breast augmentation is a standard cosmetic procedure that helps fulfill a woman’s desire to achieve a well-sculpted figure. However, like other types of plastic surgery, complications can happen.

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Breast Reconstruction Surgery: What You Need To Know

Breast reconstruction surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures for women who choose to rebuild their breasts’ appearance. Breast reconstruction surgery is a slightly invasive procedure to restore the standard breast shape and appearance. It usually takes place right after mastectomy or the removal of breast tissues associated with cancer.

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