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If you plan to get breast augmentation surgery, one of the leading choices you will encounter is the kind of implant. With modern advancement, a new teardrop-shaped gummy bear breast augmentation can give women a natural firmness and look that traditional implants cannot accomplish. What’s more, getting a skilled surgeon is also necessary for a successful outcome. Hence, be sure that your surgeon is a professional to do this procedure. Now, let’s explore what a gummy bear breast implant is, including the cost of the material, its pros and cons, and more.


About Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Gummy bear implants, also known as highly cohesive gel breast implants, are other alternatives available for breast augmentation. The name itself is literally a term for these teardrop-shaped, gel-based gummy bear breast augmentationimplants. They are popular breast implants because they can retain the shape of the breast better than other forms of breast implants made from silicone and saline.

You can be a good candidate for this method if you are looking for a great way to improve the volume of your breasts without the outrageous shape of other implants. In any case, the gummy bear implant is not applicable for pregnant or nursing women. Additionally, silicone implants are also only suitable for patients ages 22 or older.


Are Gummy Bear Implants Safe?

After years of study and assessment, professionals consider breast implants as a safe method. Your doctor or surgeon will arrange standard screenings to ensure your implants stay in the correct spot and have not ruptured.

Previously, a breast implant conveyed a more serious danger of rupture and related complications. When burst, gel material could overflow out of the shell and into the encompassing tissue.

Because of its firmness, a gummy bear gel implant is more averse to rupture and leak than other saline and silicone implants. However, the risk is that it is more difficult to detect the damage whenever gummy bear implants leak compared with saline implants. Therefore, screenings are crucial to identify any issues.


How Much Does A Gummy Bear Implants Cost?

Generally, most health insurances do not cover breast augmentation procedures. As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of breast implants was $3,718 in 2017.

Gummy bear breast implants are undeniably more costly. Like other surgical treatments, some factors can affect the total cost of the procedure. These include the qualification of your surgeon, their method, and office location. In fact, one contributor offers an estimate between $6,000 to $12,000.

Remember that there might be different costs identified with gummy bear implants outside the actual procedure. These incorporate anesthesia and hospital fees, as well as the apparel things you will require during recovery. Furthermore, it is a smart thought to check these expenses early.


Pros and Cons of Gummy Bear Breast Implants

There are several advantages you can get from gummy bear breast implants. These include:


Retaining The Shape of The Breast

Unlike the traditional silicone and saline, super cohesive silicone gel holds its shape over time. Implants loaded up with this gel have a consistency like gummy bears. That is why they acquired the term gummy bear breast implants.


Do Not Leak and Less Likely To Ripple or Fold

Most breast implants will probably get shell breaks. However, the ultra-cohesive silicone gel is the only filler that will not spill out. Also, it cannot easily be crumpled.


More Averse to Cause Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture happens when a firm layer of scar tissue attaches around the implant. This is one of the dangers of any breast augmentation method. However, the information gathered onThe woman checks the quality of the breast implant. gummy bear breast implants so far recommend that they are less likely to cause capsular contracture compared with alternative forms of breast implants.


Even though gummy bear implants have become increasingly well known, several women favour traditional silicone implants for several reasons. Some downsides related to gummy bear breast implants include:


More Expensive Than Traditional Silicone Implants

Naturally, most providers offer competitive pricing on every procedure. However, the materials used on gummy bear breast implants are costlier than traditional silicone gel implants.


Do Not Move Like Natural Breast Tissue

Since gummy bear breast implants hold the shape of the breasts incredibly well, they do not move or shift as natural bosom tissue would. While normal bosom tissue will turn when a woman lies down, for instance, gummy bear implants will have a similar shape as when a lady is standing up.


Only Have An Anatomical Teardrop Shapes

Unlike traditional silicone implants, gummy bear breast implants are only accessible in anatomical forms. They project more toward the lower part of the implant than the upper area. Rarely, when gummy bear implants rotate, they must be rectified through an additional surgical procedure.


Need a More Longer Incision

They should be put through a slightly longer cut than traditional silicone gel, with saline-filled implants requiring a tiny cut.


Find Your Surgeon

If you have decided to improve the size and shape of your breast, gummy bear implants are the best way to get it started. For the complete success of your surgery, look for a skilled plastic surgeon. Here at Refine Cosmetic Clinic, our expertly trained breast augmentation surgeons aim to help women enhance their breasts without compromising quality or spending a fortune. To book an appointment with one of our skilled plastic surgeons, you can always reach us at (02) 8188 3775.



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