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What breast implants sizes are there? How to choose the right one for you? Breast implants come in various shapes and sizes. In fact, there are so many modern options that can make patients confused about choosing what is best for them. Knowing the right one for you will make the result successful. Keep reading to see the importance of selecting the right implant size, including tips to get the best implant for your breast enlargement procedure.


Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation, also known as a boob job, is a type of breast surgery that involves applying breast implants or fat transfer to enhance the size of the breasts. In fact, this surgery can likewise improve breast volume lost after pregnancy or weight reduction, accomplishing a more natural rounded breast shape.


Breast Implant Size Choices: What Is The Right One For You?

Breast implant sizes will depend mainly on your overall body proportions. Here are some numerous factors you may need to consider to choose the right breast implant size for you:breast implants sizes

  • The amount of breast tissue you have right now
  • Your upper body measurements
  • What would appear aesthetically proportionate to your body
  • Your breast symmetry, two different size implants may use if you have an uneven size of the breast
  • The level of a hang of your breast
  • The location of implant placement
  • The distance between your nipples


Downsides of Smaller Breast Implants

If you select breast implants that are excessively small for your body, you might feel tempted to change them with larger implants. Usually, the choice should be made within 6-12 months after your surgery once the tissue swelling dies down.

Suppose you get a second breast enhancement surgery to address the initial size of your prosthetics. Then, your scars might become more evident, and you might have delicate tissue harm from multiple surgeries. In fact, your specialist plastic surgeon would try to avoid numerous augmentation surgeries if possible.


Downsides of Very Large Implants

Bigger is not in every case better with regards to breast implants. Huge breast implants can appear unnatural on people with smaller bodies. Also, they are more prone to get revision surgery later on because of complications.

Breast implants not just improve the dimensions and shape of your breast yet they add weight to your body. Hence, implants can cause breast sagging since they can strain the breast skin needed to support them in place. In addition, an implant can prompt unwanted neck, shoulder, and back pain that affects your daily activities.

Besides, when it comes time to eliminate or replace your implants, the bosom skin might require a lift because the skin extends to support the large breast implants. This is not simply valid for larger breast implants, as all size implants will extend the skin to some level.


How To Get The Right Shape and Size of Implants?

Women’s natural breasts can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So are breast implants. The best way to get the right one is to get a breast implant consultation. In this way, you can talk to your doctor about your desired breast shape and desired size. Also, during a consultation, your doctor will examine your existing breast tissue and talk with you about the best way to enhance your existing body shape. In any case, here are some methods to do breast implant sizing:


Bra Cup Size

Bra cup sizes are often a factor to determine the correct size of the implant. However, you also need to consider the breast shape and areas of fullness to accomplish the desired breast augmentation results. Remember that every bra company measures bra sizes differently, so applying cup size alone as a guideline can lead to a mistake.


Trying-On Breast Implants

Another helpful way is to try on breast implants like round breast implants in a new bra you want to use. Doing this will give you and your surgeon a rough idea of the volume or measurement you need. You will have a lot of time to try-on implants during your consultation. However, keep in mind that breast size may appear much diversely after the surgeon places the implants. Hence, you should not rely significantly on this method for implant sizing.


Vectra 3-D Computer Simulations

Most clinics have the Vectra 3-D computer breast augmentation system. This device is priceless in clarifying breast augmentation choices and implants to many patients.


Selecting A Breast Implant

If you plan to get breast implant surgery, the key is to look for a trained surgeon. A good plastic surgeon will help you determine the suitable implants for your breast. So if you are looking for a reliable breast augmentation surgeon in Sydney, you can visit Refine Clinic located in Bondi Junction. Our team is committed to helping people be the best version of themselves. Visit our office to schedule your consultation, or feel free to call us today at (02) 8188 3775.



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