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Bali is a striking vacation destination that welcomes millions of visitors to its beautiful island every year. It’s exotic beaches and rich culture beckon tourists from all over the world, with a fairly large amount travelling there from Australia. It’s an excellent option for visitors of all ages and can be a holiday experience with loved ones. Unfortunately, however, an increasing number of Australians have been travelling to Bali for more than just some R&R on the island – many patients head to the island in hopes of undergoing cheap breast augmentation and other types of plastic surgery

This practice, known as medical tourism, is not recommended by plastic surgeons and medical professionals in Australia. Many botched procedures and poor results have occurred due to breast augmentation in Bali and other countries. This may be due to issues such as language barriers, lower health standards, lower quality medical tools or complications as a result of travelling long distances. In any case, staying in Australia for a plastic surgery procedure like breast augmentation can be a much safer (and believe it or not, a much cheaper) solution. 

If you are having trouble finding a reliable breast augmentation surgeon, Refine Cosmetic Clinic welcomes you to schedule a free initial consultation with our experienced Consultant at our facility in Sydney. Our breast augmentation procedures are performed by our licensed, experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon, Dr Ron Paul Bezic. We can help answer any questions you may have regarding breast augmentation, as well as payments and financing options to suit your budget.

Breast Implants

Local Plastic Surgery vs Travelling Overseas

For many, the appeal behind medical tourism or travelling to a foreign country like Bali for plastic surgery seems obvious. After all, what could be more relaxing during recovery than beautiful weather and sunny, sandy beaches? Unfortunately, however, this is not the case when patients travel to other countries for breast augmentation and other procedures. On the contrary, sand, sun and being far from home could put added strain and stress on your new breasts, causing the healing process to be delayed.

It could even potentially lead to complications like infection, drainage, bleeding, discolouration and more.

In Bali, breast augmentation may not be held to the same stringent standards as Australia. The TGA, or Therapeutic Goods Administration, is responsible for determining the safety of items like implants and surgical devices used in breast augmentation surgery. These are held to a high standard, which helps reduce any surgical complications or risk of toxicity

In other countries, governments may not have the same medical requirements in place for procedures like breast augmentation, so patients are at a greater risk of exposure to poor equipment or items that have been banned or regulated carefully in Australia. Be wary of any overseas facilities that don’t offer information on their implants or facility, as this could be a sign of illegitimate or poor medical standards or business practices. 

Communication barriers can also pose a big concern when travelling overseas for plastic surgery. Breast augmentation is a procedure that should be handled with special care and attention towards each patient. Not everyone knows exactly what they are looking for or even what the various implant options are, so it’s important to be able to communicate with your surgeon. Finding a local surgeon in your area or in a major city such as Sydney, means you can find someone that you can communicate with clearly. Plus, a local breast augmentation surgeon can provide you with the option to ask as many questions as you need to before deciding. 


Safe and Reliable Breast Augmentation Services in Sydney

Breast augmentation in Bali can seem like a fun and exciting adventure for patients who want to enhance their bust. Unfortunately, however, it also comes with plenty of added risk. Plus, costs of travel, accommodations, transportation, food and other travel details, like insurance or medical care while you’re there, can end up costing you more than just staying in Australia for breast augmentation! 

Looking for a reliable breast augmentation surgeon in Sydney or a nearby city in NSW? Refine Clinic is located in Bondi Junction and serves residents and visitors to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Our head surgeon, Dr Bezic, has a special focus on breast augmentation procedures. Schedule a consultation at our office and learn more about the benefits of staying in Australia for cosmetic enhancement! Call us today at (02) 8188 3775.

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