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Women who wished to have full and beautifully symmetrical breasts would consider breast augmentation as their ultimate solution. It shapes, resizes, and fills a woman’s chest to ideally make their chest look softly contoured and naturally sexy. However, not everyone who undergoes this procedure can expect perfection. One of the usual issues that they could face is breast implant rippling.

Let us discover why breast implant rippling happens, how to correct this problem, and how can we avoid this breast augmentation complication.


Breast Implant Surgery

The breast augmentation procedure uses implants to improve the size, shape, and volume of your breasts to make them look full and attractive. Your surgeon may use implants made with saline solution or silicone gel. Both have their positive traits when it comes to safety and longevity, but both also have their downsides. One of them has to do with the way the implants influence how your breasts look after a few years post-surgery.


Breast Implant Rippling: How Does it Happen?

explaining possible Breast Implant Rippling side effectsAre you familiar with how breast implants look? You may have seen them on TV advertisements or YouTube videos of doctors explaining the benefits and advancements in breast augmentation.

As you may have noticed, when the doctor holds the implant up, its smooth and well-rounded shape suddenly shows some wrinkling. This observation can be seen whether you choose saline or silicone implants. The aesthetic issue you see before you place an implant in your breast may or may not happen once you undergo the said plastic surgery procedure.


Why Does it Happen?

Would you expect that breast implant rippling is normal and should be expected? No. The main goal of breast augmentation has to do with improving the way your chest looks, and if wrinkling would be a sure effect, then why undergo the procedure in the first place, right? But the question remains, why do your saline implants or silicone implants wrinkle?

  • The Breast Tissue and Skin supporting the Breast Implants are Thin

Slim women and men who lack natural breast tissues that can cushion the implants have a higher chance of exposing their natural shape.

  • The Surgical Pocket for the Implant becomes Too Small

During breast augmentation surgery, your doctor creates a small pouch or capsule of breast tissue to house and firmly hold the implants in place. If the pocket is smaller than the implant to be placed, a higher chance of wrinkling or breast implant rippling becomes possible.

  • Saline Implants are Not Filled Properly or have Leaked

Unlike silicone implants, pre-filled and considered ‘plug-and-play’ during the breast augmentation Sydney procedure, saline implants get placed as an empty shell first. Then, depending on the expert eye of the surgeon, he fills the shell with the solution and closes the valve so it can retain its volume and shape. If the shell leaks or is not filled with the appropriate amount of solution, breast implant rippling may occur.

  • You developed Capsular Contracture

As a common complication of breast augmentation surgery, this is where a scar may form surrounding the pocket of your breast implants, making your bosoms feel rigid and misshapen.

  • Weight Loss after Surgery

If you lose weight after your breast augmentation, the chances of losing breast tissues supporting and cushioning your implants get higher.


Can my Doctor Correct the Implant Wrinkling?

revision surgery due to Breast Implant RipplingThe answer is yes! He can fix the problem either with a fat transfer procedure or a revision surgery.

Fat transfer procedure starts with liposuction of a problem area. The fat gets purified and prepared for ‘transfer’. It is then strategically injected like fillers to the breasts, making them look smooth and full.

With breast implant revision surgery, the surgeon deemed it necessary to remove and replace the implants to correct the wrinkling. He may have decided to change the type and size of the breast implant, remove scars, change the size of the capsule or pocket, or put the implants under the muscle.


Prevention of Breast Implant Rippling

Have you decided to push through with your breast augmentation surgery? If yes, you may wonder how you and your surgeon can prevent wrinkling from happening. The truth is, if your surgeon is an expert, he should know how to prevent this aesthetic issue.

  • You should opt for silicone implants of the right size and volume.
  • Your surgeon should put the implants under the muscle for better support and placement.
  • Choose the plastic surgeon who has the experience and expertise in breast augmentation and who listens to your needs.


If you want to know more about breast augmentation surgery, and you want to find top plastic surgeons who can perform this cosmetic procedure safely, look no further than Refine Cosmetic Clinic. Call and visit our office today so we can start planning for your beautiful transformation as soon as possible.

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