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Breast reconstruction surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures for women who choose to rebuild their breasts’ appearance. Many of those who underwent surgery as a part of their breast cancer treatment often choose breast reconstruction to regain their confidence.


What Is A Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Breast reconstruction surgery is a slightly invasive procedure to restore the standard breast shape and appearance. It usually takes place right after mastectomy or the removal of breast tissues associated with cancer. The primary goal is to improve the symmetry and size of one or both breasts.


Types of Breast Reconstruction

There are two categories: the first one is implant-based, while the other is known as flap reconstruction. If you are not sure which type is best for you, it will be best to talk to your surgeon and discuss different factors that would influence your decision. These include your personal preference as well as your current health condition.


Implant Reconstruction

need Breast Reconstruction after mastectomyThis type of breast reconstruction procedure relies on using a breast implant to help reconstruct the breast shape. An implant consists of a flexible outer shell from silicone and can contain either saline water or silicone gels.

For breast cancer patients, a mastectomy involves the complete removal of cancerous tissues. In return, your breasts will deflate and lose their shape. An implant breast reconstruction is an easy way to regain the lost mass and is often done at the same time during breast cancer treatment. However, others opt to delay the procedure and undergo surgery after some time.


Flap Reconstruction

During flap reconstruction, your surgeon will take some tissue from another part of your body, from your back, thighs, tummy, or buttocks. They use these existing tissues and relocate them to the breast area, wherein a new breast tissue will form. This process is also known as autologous tissue reconstruction.

Flap reconstruction following breast cancer surgery is possible but would take more time than implant surgery as it will require two surgical sites.


Should I Get Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

If you are wondering why you need to have breast reconstruction surgery, here are some reasons and benefits of having one:

  • To help balance your proportions. A breast reconstruction surgery can make your chest area proportional to the rest of your body.
  • To improve fit with clothing. Your chest area will become fuller and get a better fit with your dresses and outfits.
  • To permanently regain breast shape. Temporary breast pads are not bad, but a permanent solution is still better than an external prosthesis.
  • To enhance self-esteem. Women should feel better about their bodies, and breast reconstruction will help in doing so.


How Do I Prepare for Breast Reconstruction?

If you’re up for the advantages of breast reconstruction, it will be best to have the proper preparation before the actual surgery.  Your surgeon will discuss with you the risks and benefits of each type of reconstruction procedure. It is also essential to understand the necessary information and realistic expectations of what the results will be.

breast reconstruction consultationBe prepared to know the details of the surgery, including the following:

  • The type of anaesthesia that your cosmetic surgeon will use to make you sleep and not feel pain.
  • The duration of the surgery.
  • Possible complications to look out for.
  • The necessary aftercare procedures.
  • Recovery period.
  • Follow-ups and assessments after the surgery.


A Top Clinic for Breast Surgery

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