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When choosing your breast implants, one of the main choices you will have to make, aside from the size and material, is the shape. Since natural breasts can vary in shape, there is no overall ideal shape, but there may be a perfect breast shape for you.

The best way to discover what choice is right for you is by doing research on the different shapes and talking to a plastic surgery expert who can help you understand which may be right for you. The breast implant shape that you chose should help flatter your overall figure as well as the size of the implants you want to have inserted.

Breast implants are an excellent way for patients to alter or enhance the current shape and size of their bust. Women who have experienced a loss of volume in their breasts due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations, hormone changes, or general side effects of aging (like gravity) may also benefit from breast implants. In some cases, the procedure can be combined with a breast lift to help patients achieve the perfect breast shape and contour! 

Finding the right breast surgeon can also help you feel more confident in making the right decision for your unique figure as well as your desired results. 

Breast Implants

At Refine Cosmetic Clinic, our breast implant surgeon, Dr Ron Paul Bezic, works closely with each patient to understand her personal needs and find a way to deliver them successfully.

We will happily sit down with you to discuss the various breast implant shapes available at our facility and what the benefits are of each option. From there, you can see examples of different implants and potentially even test them out with a special bra or holder. 

How to Pick Out the Perfect Breast Implant Shape

Traditionally, breast implants are shaped in two ways: round and teardrop. The teardrop shape most closely mimics the natural curvature of a woman’s breasts, whereas the round shape provides from a more contoured and symmetrical result.


Round Breast Implants

With breast augmentation that uses implants, round devices are typically the most common choice. They come in various projections types, ranging from low to high, which can help determine the level of fullness that will be achieved. This option is often best for women who want to see a more voluptuous result that provides ample cleavage and helps deliver a more symmetrical result (since they are round, implant rotation is not an issue). Women who naturally have fullness in the top of their breasts may prefer this option, as well.

This option often comes in both textured and smooth, and can typically be cheaper than its counterpart. On the other hand, some women feel it results in a more artificial look than teardrops.


Teardrop Implants

The other option is a teardrop implant. As the name suggests, these are shaped like a teardrop, with a sloped contour that is smaller at the top. The shape of these implants is designed to mimic the fall of a natural breast to provide a more natural-looking result. Despite their tapered shape, these implants can also help give a voluminous, projected result. This option is often better for women with less tissue or skin towards the top of their chest.

The teardrop shape is typically a bit more expensive in Australia than the round implants, but they can deliver a more feminine look. These implants typically must be textured, however, as there is a risk for displacement. If the teardrop implants shift out of place, it can distort the shape of your breasts.


The reasons behind choosing the perfect breast shape may vary for each patient but typically is based on the desired result and the overall shape of your body. The current size of your breasts, the amount of breast tissue you currently have, the placement option and the incision site can also affect which breast implant is best for you.

Still not sure how to have perfect breast shape? Consider a customised breast surgery at Refine Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney! Call us today at (02) 8188 3775 to schedule your free consultation.

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