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Thailand breast augmentation; the mere thought of combining your vacation to this exotic tropical country in Asia plus your beauty enhancement procedure sounds fantastic, right? Well, let us dig deeper about what breast augmentation Thailand has to offer as part of the medical tourism bandwagon in Australia.



Thailand breast augmentation: The procedure


As we all know, breast augmentation, in general, can be performed using two materials – breast implants or your own body fat. Thailand breast augmentation also uses both techniques and other different and specific approaches under each method. They offer the services of some of the claimed most talented and sought-after plastic surgeons in Thailand who can perform even the most complicated breast enhancement procedure seamlessly and accurately.



Thailand breast augmentation: The logistics


Thailand has a number of modern and state-of-the-art hospitals whose facilities compete with first-world medical centres and institutions. One of these hospitals is the Yanhee International Hospital in Bangkok, which claims to have served thousands of foreign and local plastic surgery patients, some of whom were from Australia. This privilege made them earn the reputation of being one of the best Thailand medical facilities offering high quality of care and services. Medical tourism agencies who handle Thailand’s advertisements and marketing also claim that Thai hospitals are fully equipped with up-to-date medical technology and top-of-the-line surgical machines and equipment to perform cutting-edge and complex surgical procedures that would solve almost any beauty problem anyone would have. That certainly includes Thailand breast augmentation!


Thailand breast augmentation: The considerations with medical tourism


No matter where you undergo your breast enhancement, it is not too much to be aware and mindful of your personal safety. This predicament is more critical when you are abroad, since the consequences or the postsurgical conditions may be more difficult to handle when it has been performed away from home. Here are some tips to make your beauty journey abroad worthwhile and safe.


Know your doctor. Make sure that your doctor is fully accredited and recognised by the country’s health department or ministry as a licensed medical professional. Some plastic surgeons even claim to be members of international medical associations as an added credential. He should also be able to present you with pictures or a portfolio of his body of work.


Be ready for the worse. In any surgery, there will always be a possibility of complications. Be vigilant of anything that would affect your safety before, during, or after the surgery. Equip yourself with knowledge and information about the dos and don’ts so that unwanted outcomes post-procedure can be prevented as much as possible.


Know the place where you’re going. Research about the country and plan your activities wisely before jumping into that plane! Be sure that you are generally healthy to travel to and from Thailand, for example. Get immunised! Ask your GP for vaccines that could strengthen your immune system against known health hazards in your travel destination.

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