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As the top body contouring procedure in Australia, breast augmentation is a popular procedure among women who wish to enhance or alter the size or shape of their breasts. Typically, this is achieved with breast implants, although some patients opt to combine them with a breast lift or similar technique. A boob job should be customised around the patient’s unique build and current breast size and take into careful consideration the aesthetic goals they want to achieve. Finding a highly-qualified and experienced plastic surgeon can help you feel more confident about your procedure, as well as the recovery post-op. 

When considering face or body plastic surgery, many patients are concerned about the risk of swelling and inflammation, and how badly it will affect their appearance during recovery. In particular, swelling after breast augmentation is fairly quick and easy, but it can require some lifestyle changes and serious R&R in the first few days. Since inflammation after a boob job can last for up to several weeks after surgery, even small changes or tips can make a big difference!

There are plenty of helpful tips that you can follow to help swelling after breast augmentation surgery! Many of these are simple and will be recommended by your cosmetic surgeon. At Refine Clinic, our breast augmentation procedures are performed by Dr Ron Bezic, who is an expert in his field of breast and body contouring surgery. Having an experienced, knowledgeable and caring physician can be extremely beneficial both during surgery and throughout your recovery. 

Finding a Reliable Surgeon

One of the biggest challenges most patients face is finding a cosmetic surgeon they feel captures the look they want and provides them with a safe and comfortable environment. A consultation with an expert can easily cost upwards of hundreds of dollars, so some patients feel dissuaded about visiting different facilities to meet the team or consultant. At Refine Clinic, we offer an initial free appointment with our expert consultant that works closely with our surgical team. Our goal is to provide an honest and in-depth assessment and help you learn more about breast augmentation and recovery.

Breast Implants

Located in Bondi Junction, Refine Clinic is led by our cosmetic surgery expert, Dr Bezic. He has performed over hundreds of breast augmentation procedures on patients throughout Sydney and the surrounding states in NSW. Patients are welcome to ask about his qualifications, formal training and previous patients. Many facilities offer before and after images to help deliver a visual idea of potential results and what can be achieved through top-quality breast surgery! 

A good surgeon can also help take a delicate approach during the surgery, which, in turn, may help to reduce bruising, bleeding and swelling after breast augmentation surgery. They’ll provide you with care instructions to follow after the procedure, such as wearing your surgical garments and avoiding certain activities. Your surgeon may also discuss any personal tips or recommendations that can help speed up your healing process. Feel free to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. It’s recommended to fill any prescriptions before your surgery, as well. 

Understanding Breast Augmentation Inflammation 

It’s not uncommon to feel sore, tired or uncomfortable in the first few days following breast augmentation surgery. Your body needs time to recover from major surgery, so you’ll need to spend the first two or three days taking it easy, or you risk popping your stitches or further irritation the surgical site. All of these things can prolong swelling, too. 

One of the best ways to reduce swelling after breast augmentation is with cold compresses and ice packs. Ice often becomes your go-to solution during the first few days of the recovery process, and as needed throughout the rest of the healing time. Cold can help to numb the area, reducing any pain or discomfort, as well as inflammation, slowly. Try applying ice in twenty minutes intervals around the inflamed area – but never directly on the incision site or the nipples! 

Other Helpful Tips

Typically, most major swelling occurs in the first two or three days, but patients will still see minor swelling around the breasts for up to several weeks after surgery. Staying on top of all aspects of the healing process after your breast surgery can also help to reduce inflammation over time. Planning ahead and being mentally prepared for the recovery process can help you tackle breast augmentation with ease and speed up the healing time. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Avoid activities that involve raising the arms above the head for up to two weeks, to reduce the risk of overstraining yourself.
  • Stay in bed for at least a week, with small periods of walking in between, to help your muscles truly rest while they heal. 
  • Sleep in an upright position for a few days, as this can help prevent fluids from accumulating in the area, and may help reduce swelling in the chest area. 
  • A surgical bra is another great way to reduce swelling after breast augmentation and help ensure they heal in the desired way.
  • Drink plenty of fluids! Staying hydrated helps aid the healing process and keeps your body healthy! 

Recovering From Breast Implants in Sydney

At Refine Clinic, our surgeons are closely involved in the entire process of breast augmentation and help ensure our patients get the personalised level of care they deserve. We offer post-op check-ups, as well as detailed instructions for pre- and post-op care. Patients are encouraged to reach out with any questions and at the first sign of any complication or concern. Call us today at (02) 8188 3775 to schedule a free consultation with our experienced Consultant in Bondi Junction!

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