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Although we want to improve the way we look and feel about ourselves, we do not want the burden of being restricted when it comes to the downtime after surgery. As much as possible, we want to return to our usual programming right after the operation. However, with breast augmentation as one of the most common major cosmetic procedures today, rest and work restrictions are necessary post-surgery. Here are some things you need to expect with exercise after breast augmentation, and what you can do to get back into shape after your cosmetic surgery.


Exercise after breast augmentation: Why do we need it?

One of the most significant ways to facilitate a patient’s recovery is their capacity and will to return to their usual activities that are still considered safe after the surgery. Exercising and doing workout routines that make you feel physically and mentally prepared to return back to your usual self helps in making you adjust to the improved version of yourself while still feeling the same as you have been before the surgery. As exercising helps a patient feel better postop, it makes it easier for him or her to transition and return to the everyday work routine gradually and safely.


Exercise after breast augmentation:  First few days after surgery

Very limited movements can be allowed during the first week following your operation. Your plastic surgeon may suggest light walking around the house to prevent the formation of blood clots and ensure healthy blood circulation. Most exercises that would affect the chest area directly are still prohibited during this time.


Exercise after breast augmentation: Two to three weeks after surgery


It is expected that you are adamant about returning to your regular schedule so you would want to increase your activity level by this time. Patients can discuss their concerns with their plastic surgeon so he can advise you about some exercise activities that you can perform during this time. These activities may include light walking around your neighbourhood, using the treadmill, elliptical (not for the arms but just the legs) or the stationary bike, all on very low settings. Patients who feel energised may be allowed to increase their activities gradually. However, if during your exercise routines you feel even just a slight discomfort, you should rest and continue when you feel better.



Exercise after breast augmentation: Four to six weeks after surgery

The gradual increase in the level of exercise routines can be expected during this time. Some patients may be allowed to return to work after 4-5 weeks postop, so their activity tolerance may be increased as well. The main concern for them is to make sure that whatever they do during their working hours, they are still able to take good care of their chest area. Be aware of the movements that directly affect the muscles around the chest which may move the breast implants as well. These movements may include raising your arms, opening doors, carrying bags or books, pulling or pushing chairs and doors, etc. Being vigilant with how you move during this time is the key to your continued recovery from your breast augmentation surgery.


Undergoing breast augmentation should not hinder you from having an active lifestyle. Although activity and work restrictions are typically advised during the first few weeks or months after surgery, gradual return to your daily work activities is recommended as well. Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon so he can guide you better in finding ways to return to your normal activities which include exercising and working out after the surgery.

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