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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world. Women in Australia often undergo the procedure to help them enhance their bust and achieve a larger or fuller breast size or shape. With so many patients flocking to surgeons throughout New South Wales, it can sometimes be hard to navigate the various options available. Technology like Google Search allows us to find local options right at our fingertips, but it can often be difficult to verify a doctor’s legitimacy online. This can make it difficult to sort through high-quality services and differentiate them from surgeons offering cheap breast augmentation. 

It’s important to be cautious when searching for information about plastic surgeons offering breast augmentation surgery. Due to its high demand and increase in popularity, some shady characters may see an opportunity to profit off unsuspecting patients.

A great way to eliminate this concern is to find a trustworthy, verifiable source, such as the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery. Many patients also find their surgeon through recommendations from previous patients or friends, but this can also lead to less than satisfying results in some cases. 

The best way to find a high-quality surgeon who can help you avoid cheap breast augmentation practices and procedures is to schedule an introductory consultation! Before committing to anything, sit down with a trusted professional who works closely alongside your potential new surgeon.

Taking the time to visit the facility and ask any questions or discuss any concerns you may have can help you take the first step towards finding a surgeon who is not cheap.  


What to Look For in a High-Quality Breast Surgeon

Breast augmentation surgery is a highly delicate procedure that can help to enhance your entire appearance! Many women find that the procedure accentuates their femininity and helps them achieve a more flattering body contour. It’s often not as easy as just choosing a cup size and finding a nearby surgeon, however.

The experience and expertise of your plastic surgeon will help determine your results and help prolong the life of your breast implants.

A good surgeon can patients navigate the different breast augmentation solutions so they can pick the best implant size, shape, texture and placement choice for them.

Taking the time to find a cosmetic surgeon who cares can make the difference between high-quality and cheap breast augmentation in Australia.

Breast Implants

At Refine Cosmetic Clinic, our breast augmentation surgery and body contouring procedures are performed by Dr Ron Paul Bezic, President of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, diplomat of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery exam and a recipient of the ABCS Registrars™ Gold Medal. He has performed countless breast implant surgeries on women in Australia and has a special focus on breast and body contouring procedures.

With plenty of reviews and before and after pictures of previous patients, Dr Bezic has plenty of happy clients to vouch for him, which can help patients feel safer and more confident when scheduling a consultation with our facility. 

We highly recommend finding an accredited surgeon that has a good following and reliable sources! Scheduling a consultation with their facility can help you get a better understanding of the location and whether it is an ideal match for you. We always offer new patients an initial complimentary consultation, as well as free parking and private entrances. This helps set us apart from low-end facilities that scam unsuspecting patients looking for breast augmentation surgery. 


Ways to Avoid Cheap Breast Surgery 

Instead of looking for a cheap breast surgeon, patients can try looking for a plastic surgery facility that offers financing solutions and payment plans! Many facilities employ the use of safe and reliable services to help ensure their plastic surgery services remain affordable for all their clients!

At Refine Cosmetic Clinic, we understand that breast implants are a financial commitment as well as a lifestyle change, which is why we offer financing and payment plans through MAC Credit.

This is an option to help patients shy away from practices that offer “flat rate” or “all-inclusive” costs for a breast surgery procedure. In most cases, if a price seems too good to be true, it usually is! Many illegitimate or dishonest companies can provide you with false information to lure you in and then stick you with hidden fees once it is too late. Thankfully, if you are diligent, know the signs and know what to ask your consultant or surgeon, you can avoid being scammed or being taken advantage of. Be sure to inquire about the potential costs of a plastic surgery procedure like breast augmentation in person! 

Another way to avoid cheap breast augmentation surgery is by staying in Australia for your procedure! Many patients, particularly younger adults and teenagers, consider travelling overseas to a cheaper country, such as Bali or Thailand, to help save money on the cost of breast implants. While Bali is a wonderful tourist destination, it often can cost more money to travel there for plastic surgery, simply due to the potential risk of complications. Additionally, the accommodation, travel costs, transportation and aftercare responsibilities can stack up, leaving patients with mounting costs. Follow-up visits should also be considered, which can mean more travel costs! 


Trust the Experts, Not The Internet

You should always do your due diligence instead of simply trusting the opinions you find about a facility online! Take the time to reach out to them directly and inquire about scheduling a consultation for a one-on-one conversation. At Refine Clinic, we offer these absolutely FREE. Call us today at (02) 8188 3775!

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