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Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure and has been performed countless times in countries around the world. Women who want to enhance their breast can achieve a more feminine appearance and shapely body contour with a breast augmentation in Australia. Many high-end cosmetic surgeons offer the newest materials, many of which have been introduced to replace older, outdated models that may pose a greater risk of needing correction down the line. For many patients, however, this sounds expensive and complicated, and they believe they can find cheaper alternatives overseas. While there are much cheaper options for plastic surgery, such as breast augmentation in Thailand, it doesn’t mean you’ll be receiving the same level of care as you would from a reputable surgeon in New South Wales.


Why Breast Augmentation in Thailand May Be Risky

In developed countries like the United States and Australia, there is a high-level of medical standards to which a surgeon must adhere. In countries like Thailand, however, there is no guarantee that your breast augmentation surgeon follows the same rules or has undergone the same level of training. When considering getting breast augmentation, Thailand and similar countries have the appeal of travel and cheaper costs, but with low prices means high risk of complications, pain, injury and botched results. 

Instead of trying to save a few bucks, patients should consider finding a reputable cosmetic surgeon who has many years of experience performing breast surgery like implants instead of getting. Breast augmentation in Thailand can end up costing more in the long run if a patient needs to travel back to address a complication, replace their implants or undergo a corrective procedure. For corrective surgeons who focus on corrective breast augmentation, Thailand techniques can mean they have to do more extensive surgery to repair your breast implants that if you had simply visited a surgeon in Australia. 

For patients looking for cheap breast augmentation, Thailand can seem like an ideal option, but it is important to do your research before choosing any surgeon and consider all the costs involved with your Thai surgery. You may find that with travel, accommodation, follow-up care and other expenses like room and board your surgery will be close to the same as if you stayed in Sydney and visited a local surgeon offering free consultations and payment plans! 


Breast Augmentation is Excellent – When Performed Properly

Women who feel the shape or size of their breasts is inferior or want to see an improvement in the overall lift or shape of their bosom are excellent candidates for breast augmentation. Surgery like breast implants can help deliver a natural-looking result that flatters the patient’s figure and helps them look and feel more confident! 

There are various different styles of both silicone and saline implants available, as well as different shapes for the implant casing itself to help provided a customisable experience for patients looking to enhance their bust. A Thailand breast augmentation might have limited options or use outdated materials that are no longer in practice in Australian facilities, which could put you at a higher risk for rupture or capsular complications.

Instead of breast augmentation by Thailand surgeons who might be using faulty materials, consider visiting a high-end plastic surgery facility. Patients located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney can seek advice from reputable cosmetic surgeon Dr Ron Paul Bezic, whose field of expertise is breast augmentation, and is the current President of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS). He has performed various breast augmentation surgeries, and knows how to handle special patients who may need a specialised approach to achieve the desired results.

Breast Implants

Why Breast Augmentation Issues Might Be Greater in Thailand

For breast augmentation, a Thailand facility may not be at the same level of quality as developed nations. Sub-standard silicone or unregulated devices may be present in certain facilities, for example, and unsuspecting patients may fall prey to unlicensed surgeons. Breast augmentation is a very delicate procedure that should always be performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon with proper training and certifications. Cutting corners to reduce costs, as is common practise in places like Bangkok, can mean the integrity of the implants and the quality of the surgery is at risk.

Communication risks can also spell trouble for tourists looking to undergo breast augmentation in Thailand. Hiring a translator is one way to help ensure there is no misunderstanding when explaining your beauty goals to the surgeon, however, this means incurring additional costs on your trip. There is also no real guarantee that you will not need to visit your surgeon for a follow-up. At Refine Clinic, we advise patients to return one year after their surgery so Dr Bezic can check on the recovery and ensure the progress is as expected. If there is any issue or complication, he will let you know immediately so it can be rectified. Best of all, this is included in the cost of your breast augmentation package.


How Much is Breast Augmentation in Thailand?

When patients ask “how much is breast augmentation in Thailand” the answer may not be a straight-forward, honest response. Women seeking breast improvement surgery often travel overseas thinking this is a cheaper option and will allow them to save money while receiving the same level of treatment. Ultimately, however, many patients make the mistake of not calculating all the additional fees that are associated with surgery that many facilities conveniently fail to mention when conducting long-distance consultations. In an effort to keep the plastic surgery industry booming in Thailand, many surgeons will falsify or omit information when international clients call or ask for a remote consultation. Then, once the client pays for a travel visa, plane tickets, hotel accommodations, transportation and other costs like food or clothing, they spring on them that certain required services are not included in the initial costs. 

For example, anaesthesia, operating theatre costs, the cost of your surgeon’s assistant and the physical breast implants all have various costs associated with them that must be covered. Of course, patients are obliged to pay, instead of refusing the treatment, as they have already travelled and made the commitment. You may also be charged for the initial consultation!

Don’t Forfeit Quality for Cheap Surgery

The right cosmetic surgery procedure could alter your entire life! Instead of travelling overseas, consider visiting a plastic surgeon right here in Sydney that provides free consultations, which can often cost up to $300 – which can save you plenty while finding the right surgeon for you. Many facilities also combine their breast augmentation costs into one rate, which is often payable via a third-party financing company.

At Refine Clinic in Bondi Junction, we offer complimentary consultations with our expert cosmetic surgeon, Dr  Ron Paul Bezic. Call us today at (02) 8188 3775 !

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