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Few of the most usual questions that women ask before getting breast augmentation are, “Will there be scarring?” “What will my post surgical scars look like?” and “Can my breast augmentation scars disappear?” Let us answer each one in this informative article all about breast augmentation scars.


Will there be scarring after my breast augmentation surgery?

Yes. Because breast augmentation, whether using breast implants or through autologous fat transfer, is still a surgical procedure, scarring is an inevitable part of the process. With that said, the things that most women should focus on with regard to their post-surgical scars include choosing the location, their lifestyle that may affect their healing, and the proper wound care that they need to follow to ensure complete and uncomplicated healing of their surgical wounds.


Where will my breast augmentation scars be located?


Your breast implant scars are results of the type of breast augmentation procedure you underwent. The type of placement and incision you and your surgeon chooses will determine the location of your scars. The simplest and most common incision technique is called the inframammary incision. This approach creates two incisions that follow the natural curve underneath your breasts. Thus, your scars can easily be concealed by a well-fitting undergarment or a sexy swimsuit top.


In the periareolar incision, the surgeon creates an incision tracing the lower half of your areolas, or the dark pigmented part of your breasts that surrounds your nipples. The dark pigmentation helps in hiding the scars even further. However, this approach is only recommended for patients who need very minimal breast enhancement since the incision is too small to accommodate large-volume implants.

There is also the transaxillary incision where the cut is placed on an inconspicuous crease in your underarm area, so the scars are far away from your breasts. However, this technique needs more surgical skill and finesse for it to be an effective passage ay of your implants, preferably saline ones.  The same dilemma goes with the transumbilical route, where the incision is created around your navel. Because this incision technique presents a lot of complications with limited choices of compatible implants to use, the transumbilical technique is rarely being used as of the moment.


What will my breast augmentation scars look like?

Throughout your breast enhancement recovery process, it’s important to remember that your scars can take up to 1-2 years to fully heal and mature. So during your recovery period, you may start to think that your scars seem to be looking worse sometimes, and then other times looking better.  Most breast augmentation scars will appear reddish or pinkish and slightly raised until they begin to settle and become less visible over time. The length of time at which your scars will heal would depend on so many factors, including your age, genes, skin complexion, and the amount of exposure to the sun.


What can I do to minimise breast augmentation scarring?

The good news is that there are lots of ways to help minimise the look of your breast augmentation scars.  Discuss with your plastic surgeon your concerns and ask for effective ways on how to help speed up healing and lessen the appearance of your scars.

We have listed down some common dos and don’ts about scar care:


  • Smoke for several weeks before and after your procedure
  • Remove the scabs on top of your surgical wounds
  • Scratch your scars
  • Apply non-prescribed creams and lotions on your scars


  • Stay out of the sun
  • Wear sunscreen at all times
  • Eat nutritious foods and drink plenty of water
  • Follow your surgeon’s wound care instructions
  • Take the medications prescribed to avoid infection
  • Avoid physical activities that may affect your chest area after breast augmentation
  • Take supplements or apply products rich in vitamin E
  • Use silicone sheeting, prescribed topical scar creams
  • Wear loose cottony clothes that won’t irritate your skin


In the hands of an expert plastic surgeon, breast augmentation scars can be easily concealed and should heal nicely over time. This is another reason why choosing an experienced plastic surgeon for your procedure is essential. Once you have chosen the best surgeon to perform your breast augmentation, answering some of the most popular questions about breast augmentation scars may help give you peace of mind that your final results can look very smooth and natural.

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