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You have been thinking a lot about getting breast augmentation to improve the size and shape of your breasts. You inquire about the cost, how the procedure is done, and what are the dos and don’ts. But have you thought about your breast augmentation recovery period? What happens after your breast enhancement procedure? We’ll take you on a week-by-week recovery timeline that you can expect post-breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Recovery: Immediately after the surgery

Your newly-enhanced breasts are bandaged restrictively, and your plastic surgeon may prescribe you a surgical bra for extra support and protection. Expect insertion of drainage tubes in both breasts for wound drainage. These tubes will be removed in a few days. You may experience mild to moderate discomfort after the anesthesia wears off, but pain medications prescribed by your doctor may alleviate this. You may also notice swelling and bruising on the operative area which is normal at this point. You are advised to restrict unnecessary movements with your arms and upper body. Seek assistance from a loved one or a relative during the first few days so you can fully adhere to your plastic surgeon’s movement restrictions.


Breast Augmentation Recovery: Week 1

You will gradually be allowed to move your arms and do different light exercises that may help in making your breast enhancements look natural. These exercises may also help prevent a common complication called capsular contracture. You may still take pain medications for your symptoms of discomfort and tenderness. Your plastic surgeon may allow you to drive provided that you are not under the influence of any pain medications that may alter your motor movements (opioids, steroids, narcotics, etc.) You will also be requested to come in for follow-ups with your plastic surgeon to monitor your early recovery improvement.

Breast Augmentation Recovery: Week 2 to 3

At the two weeks’ mark, your plastic surgeon may allow you to resume light daily activities, depending on the progress of your recovery. You can also return to work provided that your surgeon pre-approved your daily work activities. Heavy lifting and exerting pressure to your upper body is still prohibited. Use of surgical bras to support your breasts is still recommended, and you may take pain medications only when needed.

Breast Augmentation Recovery: Week 4 to 6

During this period, you can now appreciate a glimpse of the improvement of your breasts. Though there may still be bruising and tenderness around the operative area, you can now see the new shape and position your breasts have reached after the breast augmentation surgery. Activities that may involve movements of the upper body muscles like jogging and running may be allowed six weeks after the surgery.

Breast Augmentation Recovery: Week 7 onwards

You are now fully able to appreciate the results of your breast augmentation surgery. After 2-3 months, your plastic surgeon may allow you to resume all work activities but still with caution. You may notice that your surgical wounds are healing and your surgeon may prescribe some topical anti-scar lotions to make them look faded and smooth.

Follow-ups with your plastic surgeon are a must, at least once a month. This schedule will let him monitor your overall recovery and observe for any unwanted complications. This will also be a good time for you to address any concerns you may have about the procedure and its results.


We must remember that not everyone has the same recovery experience. Your body’s natural healing capacity is different from anyone else. It is through the strict following of your plastic surgeon’s postoperative instructions and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that you can achieve a great breast augmentation recovery experience that only you can appreciate.

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