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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. Many patients focus on the actual surgery when researching the procedure and look into finding the right facility. However, breast augmentation recovery can be just as important in determining your results as the surgery itself. 

A plastic surgery like breast implants can be an excellent way to boost self-esteem and improve body image. Many women who have felt their breasts were disproportionate or unbalanced on their body can achieve a more attractive figure with breast augmentation. It’s important to remember, however, that for the first few weeks after the surgery, you’ll experience some swelling or bruising that will impact the appearance of the actual results. 

Once the inflammation goes down and the fluids are drained, patients will be able to see their new contour. The actual downtime and healing process will vary for each patient, but typically, following your surgeon’s instructions carefully can help speed up the breast augmentation recovery process. 


What to Think About Before Surgery

Before a patient can undergo any type of cosmetic enhancement procedure, an in-depth assessment with a qualified and knowledgeable consultant should be held. This will help determine your eligibility and will provide the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns. Patients can also discuss the details of recovery and what might be expected of them to help prepare.

Picking out the right implants and deciding on the ideal augmentation plan for your aesthetic desires, body shape, and future goals is also an important step. Many facilities allow the option to feel or try on different types of implants, so you can get a more tangible idea of what fits you. Patients can also inquire about the surgeons’ past work.

Check out before and after images of previous patients who have undergone the same procedure. This will give an idea of consistency and help decide if the aesthetic matches what you had in mind! 

Breast Implants

You might have to take certain steps before surgery too, so you’ll have an opportunity to discuss anything that might help your surgery go more smoothly. Your Consultant may also have breast augmentation recovery tips or advice on ways to help promote minimal scarring and swelling. 


Helpful Tips For Recovery After Breast Augmentation 


Plan for assistance

Breast augmentation recovery is not extremely trying, and most patients can get through it fairly comfortably with the right backup. It’s important to remember that a boob job is a major surgery, so you’ll need some help around the house for the first few days. Heavy lifting is also not recommended for up to six weeks, so that’s important to consider if work or home responsibilities demand it.


Be mindful of pain management 

Recovery after breast augmentation may involve mild discomfort or pain for the first few days. Your surgeon may prescribe medication to help alleviate this, but most patients find over-the-counter meds are sufficient after the second or third day. It’s recommended to fill any prescriptions before your surgery, so they’re on hand when needed and you don’t have to do any unnecessary actions.


Use ice liberally

It seems simple, but it’s often the best way to help minimize swelling and discomfort in the area. The first few days of recovery after breast augmentation you should use an ice pack or a cold compress (never directly on the skin) for twenty minutes at a time to help speed healing and help you feel more comfortable in the process.


Don’t overdo it

It can be difficult to take a break from your everyday responsibilities, but breast augmentation recovery requires rest. Exercise, heavy lifting, and even certain activities like washing your hair or lifting your arms should be avoided while you are healing. Most patients only need a week from work, but it’s important to ensure that time is spent taking it easy. Your surgeon should give you the okay when you can start resuming certain activities.


Follow your surgeon’s instructions

This may seem obvious, but it’s imperative to ensure the breasts heal properly! Wearing your surgical bra, avoiding smoking and alcohol, and attending follow-up appointments can help you get the best results, and may help avoid additional surgery in the future. Since every patient is different, it’s important to listen to what your surgeon says, instead of taking advice from friends or others who have had the procedure.


Helpful Tips for Breast Augmentation in Sydney

Looking for a qualified plastic surgeon to perform breast augmentation in Sydney? Dr Ron Bezic is an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon and the current President of the ACCS. He leads the team at Refine Cosmetic Clinic and has performed hundreds of surgeries with a focus on breast and body contouring. Our clinic offers a free initial consultation with our very experienced Consultant, and provides breast augmentation recovery tips tailored to you to help you have a personalised experience. Call us today at (02) 8188 3775!

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