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Breast augmentation is a widely favoured procedure among women who wish to alter or enhance the overall shape, size or appearance of their breasts. While any elective surgery will require some sort of downtime, it is important to remember that with breast implants there is more to the process than just waiting for your wound to heal. The introduction of breast implants into your body can require some time for your body to get used to their presence. This is why the recovery process following breast surgery is so crucial, and patients should take extra care to rest in the first two days to a week after the procedure. Post-op breast augmentation pain is fairly common with this type of procedure, but an experienced cosmetic surgeon can help make the experience more comfortable.


Preparing For Breast Augmentation

The first step before receiving breast augmentation should be to do your fair amount of research before deciding on a surgeon. Talk to your friends or family or read reviews and testimonials online to find a surgeon whose bedside manner you feel comfortable with and can verify their qualifications. Don’t be afraid to schedule multiple consultations if you don’t feel absolutely sure about a surgeon the first time. At Refine Clinic, we understand this is a big decision, so we offer free consultations to all first-time patients.

Assuming you already have a plastic surgeon in mind and have scheduled a date for your upcoming breast implant surgery in Sydney, the next step is preparing. Talk to your surgeon about what type of pain after breast augmentation to expect. They should not only discuss post-op recovery and pain but any steps you may need to follow in the days leading up to the procedure. Most notably, you may be asked to stop taking aspirin and similar NSAIDs, which can thin the blood.


Recovery Immediately After Surgery

Most breast implant procedures are performed under general anaesthesia, which means you may need assistance getting home, so if you plan to drive please have someone accompany or pick you up. The pain after breast augmentation will likely not settle in until the anaesthesia wears off, at which point you may feel tired, sore and have sharp pains through your breasts or nipple. To help alleviate and manage breast augmentation pain, your surgeon can write you a prescription for pain killers and other medication that will help control any discomfort.

Breast Implants

Most patients will experience breast augmentation pain for the first two days after surgery. Typically, women can return back to their daily, non-strenuous activities within a week, once the pain settles. At this point, you may no longer need prescription medication, either. You can start to shower around 24 hours after surgery, but there may be certain after-care instructions you will have to take great care to follow.

You may be required to wear compression garments, which can help reduce breast augmentation pain and swelling, while also ensuring the implants heal properly. Many patients are instructed to avoid underwire bras as this can affect the positioning of your breast implant and cause it to shift or flip. 


What You Can Expect a Few Months After Breast Augmentation

In the first month after your procedure, there may still be residual breast augmentation pain. Around this time, however, the results of your procedure should start becoming visible. While you may still have to wait several months to fully decide if you are happy with the outcome, at this point, there should be some reduction in the swelling and pain. Some exercise can be resumed, but be sure to speak to your doctor for clearance before putting yourself at risk.

Breast implants often take noticeably longer to heal than less extensive cosmetic surgery or medical procedures. The breasts should begin to drop after the first few months, once the swelling has gone down significantly. Lower body exercises should be safe to perform after three months, so long as you don’t have to stretch your arms above your head or put your chest at risk for strain. At this point, the scar tissue should be healing cohesively.

Tips to Relieve Pain After Breast Augmentation

There is no straightforward guide on how to relieve pain after breast augmentation, but your surgeon can offer some recommendations, pain killers, tips, and techniques that can make your experience less trying during the recovery. One of the safest and easiest ways to help alleviate any pain after breast augmentation is through gentle massage. This method also helps to reduce the risk of capsular contracture, which can affect some women after undergoing this type of surgery. 

Always talk to your surgeon to determine if something is safe before trying it if you are unsure about whether it will cause strain to your incision or breast implants. Trying to do certain activities too early in the recovery process could lead to infection, rupturing and other complications that could extend the healing process and discomfort. 


Reduce Pain With Expert Techniques

While it is a myth that it is possible to completely eliminate any pain or discomfort from surgical procedures like breast implants, an experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr Ron Paul Bezic is familiar with what to expect and can utilise expert techniques and recommend helpful tips to help patients be more comfortable during their recovery procedure. At our facility in Bondi Junction, we welcome patients who reside in and around Bondi Junction, Double Bay, North Sydney, and the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Call us today at (02) 8188 3775 !

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