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Travelling overseas can be an excellent way to enjoy a long holiday with family or friends! Countries like Thailand or Bali can offer exotic locations and attractions and welcome millions of visitors every year. The experience can be invigorating and help patients feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a trip!

Unfortunately, however, there has been an increase in popularity among patients travelling to overseas countries for medical tourism. In particular, there’s been an increase in Australians leaving the country to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery. 

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Australia, with countless women enjoying successful procedures throughout the country. Some patients can have trouble finding a good plastic surgeon or a facility that is within their budget. They may turn to overseas options in hopes of finding a cheaper option or a less “strict” facility. Unfortunately, travelling to unregulated countries overseas can put Australian patients at increased risk of complications. Problems can arise due to infection, implant rejection, anaesthesia, or inexperience. Patients can also run into trouble with communication barriers or illegitimate business practices. 

Plastic surgery should be carefully considered and researched by any patient who is considering undergoing a procedure. Finding a breast surgeon with decades of experience and a prestigious list of accreditations can ensure you get the level of care and skill you deserve! We know it can be difficult, though – especially with consultations potentially costs a few hundred per facility.

At Refine Clinic, we offer free consultations with an expert who works closely with our surgeons to help patients address any questions they may have. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of travelling overseas for a breast augmentation. 


The Advantages of Local Breast Augmentation

The popularity surrounding breast augmentation surgery is largely due to the benefits of the procedure. In addition to helping improve a patient’s overall physical appearance, breast augmentation can also help to boost self-esteem and even help patients look and feel more confident in certain clothing!

Many women in Australia are born with breasts that are naturally small, flat or disproportionate. Other women experience a loss of volume due to aging or weight fluctuations throughout life. Breast implants can correct this and improve fullness in the chest. Women may wish to increase in cup size, enhance the shape or correct small imperfections.

Breast Implants

Issues like asymmetry or visually disproportionate breasts can cause patients distress and embarrassment during intimate moments. Some patients might feel uncomfortable wearing revealing clothing, including bathing suits or lingerie. Breast augmentation surgery can also help to address issues of this manner.

It’s important to remember that all women have some degree of asymmetry in their breasts, but for those who have trouble finding bras that fit or have similar troubles, it can be especially disheartening.

Talking to a surgeon about a breast augmentation surgery can help you understand how to get customised implants to correct this issue. 

Highly personalised issues require a surgeon you can rely on! Travelling overseas can mean patients are disconnected from their physician due to potential time differences, language issues and distance. Travelling back and forth from Sydney to Bangkok, for example, can take up to nine hours by plane and be extremely costly. This is generally not practical for patients, especially if they are looking to save money by undergoing plastic surgery overseas in the first place. Instead, looking for a local surgeon can help eliminate these issues.

If you are located in New South Wales, for example, looking for a high-quality surgeon in Sydney can be a good place to start. 


Enjoy Higher Standards of Care in Australia

The Therapeutic Goods Administration, or TGA, is responsible for creating and delegating rules surrounding the standard of care in Australia. Medical facilities, professionals and manufacturers are expected to adhere to the guidelines implemented by the TGA. This is intended to protect the safety of patients as well as medical professionals and other parties involved. Prosthetic devices, including breast implants and other augmentation treatments, are subject to stringent testing regularly to ensure patients are only using acceptable materials. Since breast implants are expected to be long-lasting, it’s important to ensure that women who have received the treatment are not at risk of exposure to toxic materials

Other countries may not be held to the same level of care, particularly in less developed nations. Travelling overseas for breast augmentation surgery can mean patients are exposed to lower standards of care or medical devices that may have been banned by the TGA. This can also increase the risk of complications, like capsular contracture or infection. At Refine Cosmetic Clinic, we use high-quality implants, like Allergan® brand,  to help ensure patients always have access to top tier medical devices. 

Don’t put your health at risk with under-qualified surgeons or facilities that aren’t using the highest quality medical tools! Breast implant surgeries can be delicate procedures and the approach should be catered around the patient’s unique needs. Patients who are hoping to correct issues caused by pregnancy or aging, for example, may require a specialised approach to help achieve the desired results. 


Avoid Unnecessary Travel Costs

For many, the allure of overseas surgery is apparent! Recovering from breast enhancement surgery while relaxing on the beach sounds ideal – but it’s much less glamorous than it seems. Exposure to sun, sand or seawater could be potentially dangerous, causing scarring, infection or other complications to arise. This, in turn, could lead to additional aftercare charges!

The expenditure of travel, accommodations and transportation while in a foreign country can also put a financial strain on patients. Poor surgical practices can also cause patients to need revision plastic surgery to correct the issues, which could ultimately cost more than the original procedure. These are all important aspects to consider when thinking about overseas breast augmentation.

For high-quality and trustworthy plastic surgeons in Sydney, call (02) 8188 3775! Dr Ron Bezic and the team and Refine Clinic are dedicated to helping patients find their perfect plastic surgery match. 

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